Tephran - The Secret of the Volcano [part 1]

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Deep within the volcano on the island of Tephran is a strange and powerful force. It’s guarded by the mysterious Karonquin, who live in the forbidden region beyond the
Endless Barrier. The evil Minister of Science is prepared to do anything to gain control of this Blue Radiance. Tara is the daughter of a poor factory worker and Dado is the son of the secretary to the Minister of Order. Beyond the Endless Barrier is where their incredible story begins.

Enthusiastic reader reactions in the Netherlands:
“Anyone who likes adventure and fantasy will love this book.”
“Really, really great! It’s exciting right from the very beginning.”
“I couldn’t stop reading. I’m going to read the other books about Tephran too. For sure.”

Tephran 'The Secret of the Volcano' part 1

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  • Tephran 'The Secret of the Volcano' part 1

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Auteur Paula King
Aantal pagina's 264
ISBN 97890077198
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